"The new Parisian cinema-hotel offering an intriguing future for film and hospitality"

02 June 2021

"Ten reasons to book a room at Hotel Paradiso"

01 May 2021

"A hotel in which you're never more than about ten yards from a big screen"

04 April 2021

"The last refuge for film lovers in Paris"

25 March 2021

"A cinematographic experience imagined by a high-profile cast"

12 March 2021

"An oasis for the film addict"

09 March 2021

"A cinema hotel unique in the world"

05 March 2021

"The first cinema-hotel in history"

18 February 2021

"A hotel entirely dedicated to the 7th art that will delight film lovers"

12 February 2021

"White nights on black screens"

01 July 2021

"A perfect cocoon for watching movies"

27 June 2021

"The cinema takes on a new dimension"

11 June 2021

"a cinephile's dream"

05 May 2021

"Four-star Parisian Venue Offers A Cinema In Every Room"

03 May 2021

"Hotel Paradiso, the blockbuster of the year"

01 May 2021

"You can stay at a film-inspired hotel – with 9ft projection screens in every room"

14 April 2021

"The den: "Hotel Paradiso", a cinephile's fantasy"

19 March 2021

"Rooms with a view... on the seventh art"

17 March 2021

"Thirty-six rooms with the look of small private cinemas, finely decorated with cinephile nods"

16 March 2021

"It was crazy, a real private cinema without leaving your bed "

13 March 2021

"Visit of a dreamlike and crazy cinephile cocoon"

12 March 2021

"The possibility of recreating the experience of a projection room"

12 March 2021

"A new dream address for film lovers"

11 March 2021

"With its "Hotel Paradiso", mk2 inaugurates a unique concept"

10 March 2021

"Experience the 7th art differently"

09 March 2021

"The story of a night under the stars of the cinema"

05 March 2021

"The Paradiso, another idea of the hotel business"

04 March 2021

"Hotel Paradiso does not skimp on resources. Nor on the programming."

25 February 2021

"This 4-star hotel, located above the historic mk2 Nation, intends to reinvent the experience of the seventh art"

18 February 2021

"The very first cinema-hotel"

16 February 2021


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